Monday, May 6, 2013

Friday funday

I love Fridays, even more than I used to.  It's my spend-all-day-with-Sophia day, and it's awesome.  It's also my "I get to take a nap when Sophia does" day, because, let's be honest, napping is so much more fun than, say, school work or chores.  The only sad part is that Sophia is starting to out-grow her morning nap, which means I don't get a morning nap.  But, I can sometimes persuade her to sleep a little later than 6:30 if I bring her in bed with me.  Even if she doesn't want to, 6:30 is sleeping in by almost 3 hours.  It's okay to be jealous.  This Friday, we were productive, running errands before nap time and play time.

Where's Sophia?


I guess her new thing is putting things on her head?  Side note: she fits none of her sun hats that are for 18 MONTH olds.  Sheesh.

Getting ready to go shopping...looking for the perfect accessory.  Outfit kindly provided by our personal shopper, aka bonus sister the second.  It's a win-win, really.  Sophia gets really cute clothes, and I get clothes for her on the cheap

Riding in the cart.  I decided hauling almost 100 lbs of cat litter while carrying her just wouldn't work well.

Trying to climb into the drawer by climbing on her boxes first.  It is also hilarious to watch her try to climb into the bathtub if I'm not quick enough getting her in there.

Oh, yeah, new food experiment: sharp cheddar cheese.

It was quite the hit.  She likes it even better than bread, and that's saying something.

We went to the pool with a friend on Saturday (no pictures here....phones and water don't 'xactly mix well, and my personal photographer was at work), and Sophia had a blast.  She was a little unsure of this giant bathtub at first (and had just woken up from a nap), so she was clingy-snuggly, and then got around to splashing and playing.  Her pool toys helped persuade her to play more.  We practiced floating on our belly and kicking (she would rather cross her legs, the little lady), and we even floated on our backs.  Okay, she was doing the floating, not me.  I float like a rock.  But, I was very happy that she was comfortable enough in the water to relax on her back.  This will also become a weekly date.

Giving a whole new meaning to frog legs?

I have also come to the conclusion that many posts on facebook are silly, and hashtags are stupid.  I have to bite my tongue (fingers?) quite a few times, and have either removed friends entirely, or just removed them from my newsfeed to avoid seeing the stupidness, or having to shake my head.  I have enough things on my plate right now to be worrying about other people's stupidity, or not-so-passive-passive-aggressiveness.  And don't even get me started on political posts.  You may support or not whomever you choose, but please, don't shove your choices down my throat and I promise to return the favor, 'kay?  Sheesh.  It's like being in high school all over again.

Couldn't resist a picture of my handsome man. Well, one of them at least.  ;)

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