Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting big

I am convinced that at some point, elves have taken my baby and replaced her with someone who looks like a little girl!!   I mean, seriously.  I do not remember giving her permission to grow up this fast!  Thank goodness for Fridays.  I mean, next month she'll be in kindergarden at the pace she's going.

Oh, you know, selecting a book while sitting in the wipes box.  The very wipes box mom put in front of my bookshelf so I could not take every last book off my bookshelf and throw them around the room.  Silly mom for thinking a measly box would prevent me from getting my books.  Psshht.

Hmm, not Whinnie the Pooh....let's get another one.

Playing at the park after reserving the shelter for her birthday (birthday?!  eek!!)

Lunch date with mom at a favorite restaurant (A&Ts....yum!).  Menu included chicken and a whole yucca!

Yes, I went to costco two weeks in a row.  I had coupons that I had to use!  But, this picture is for my aunt: the awesome onesie is courtesy of her, and it went swimmingly with the flower pants, which are a favorite of said aunt.  If I can find fabric like that, I'll be making her a pair.  

Snack time.  We must inspect the puff.

This face.  I have no words.

Much to Jordan's relief, Sophia can now say dada, though we're still working on association.  She also says baba (associated with bye-bye) and waves, kisses at you, and deviously goes after glasses on faces.  You just think she wants to snuggle until....BAM!  Glasses are gone and she's giggling.  Quite the fun game to play, unless you're blind without your glasses.  Then I suppose it's not quite as fun.  

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