Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mother's day

Okay, I know it's late, but happy mother's day to all the moms out there nonetheless.  I had a wonderfully relaxing day (slept in until 8!!), and got to see my awesome big rower and her husband, too.  

Happy mother's day nana!

On Saturday, Jordan and I did a Foam Fest 5k run.  Very different than the Tough Mudder in terms of intensity, length, temperature, and participant attitude, but very fun.  A good half of the obstacles were "bubble-d": a giant slip'n'slide full of bubbles, a moon bounce filled with bubbles, a moon bounce with intentional holes filled with get the idea.  While we ran, one of my friends from lab watched Sophia for us.  This friend is about as polar opposite from me as you can get, yet we get along wonderfully.  She's not in lab anymore, and I do miss her quite a bit.  But she visits, which is awesome. When we picked Sophia back up, something was not quite right.....

Her toenails.  They're PINK!!!!  Adorable, though.

Sunday I did have to go to lab (my favoritest place in the whole wide world), but left Sophia sleeping at my aunt's house where she kindly kept an ear out for any rustling.  It's easier to transfer my worms without a baby who wants to "help" on my back.  My bed there is a mattress on the floor (convenience at first, and now an it's-okay-if-Sophia-decides-to-leave-the-bed measure), and she has learned how to safely navigate up and down and up and down get the idea.  Honestly, I think this is one reason she's so good with steps now: she got early practice on a soft "step".  Anyway, I set her on the bed the next morning while I got ready, and she decided she wanted her keys that were on the other side of the room.  So, she crawled off the bed, got her keys, and crawled right back up on the bed to play with them.  I was quite amused.

Of course she investigated the bathtub.

And tried to tell me she wanted a bath.  "If I get in here, that means bath time, right?"

She also likes to play with ice.  In cups.  Which can make drinking out of said cup difficult at times.

A behind-the-back ice grab.  Kid's got skillz.  :)

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