Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My friends oldest girl turned three this weekend, but we weren't going to be able to make her birthday party due to a wedding (yay wedding!!).  But, on our Friday playday we stopped by to drop off a gift and it turned into a mom-visit and kid-play date.  Very fun!

Play time in the morning, before running errands.  Tasting the letter A...

And putting it in the barn.  Where it clearly belongs.  Her newest thing is to put things in the barn, shut the door, open the door, and take them back out.  

On to shop!  My shopping helper helping me push the cart.  

My friend's daughter was turning 3, so had Sophia out-classed, but I know Sophia had a blast playing with new toys, exploring new areas, and having someone closer to her size to play with.  

Post-good-picture topple.  I love how she's already focused on the soccer ball.  Now to work on proper hand placement to catch the ball....

Hanging out.  Good thing her skirt had shorts underneath!

This was her approximately 30 seconds after we left.  I'd say she had fun!

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  1. We had fun too!! Let's do it again soon!!!!!