Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cinnamon roll cake!

We had a low-key celebration of Sophia's first birthday at home, on the actual day of.  Since it was a Friday, she and I hung out all day, and met Jordan for lunch at Red Lobster.  I got one of those "choose from these options to make your own meal" things, and made sure I picked fish as one of mine, since a certain little someone is quite the fan of fish. While we were waiting for the food, she chowed down on some of their addictive biscuits, tried some cucumber and tomato (ew, ick, no thank you mommy!), and decided that Parmesan cheese is delicious.  When the food came, she put a fair dent in the salmon, tried going after Jordan's pasta, and semi-successfully drank from the straw hole in her big-girl cup.  All in all, a pretty good celebration.  It was fun to be able to do lunch, because growing up in my family, the birthday boy/girl always got to pick a restaurant to go to on their birthday.  Granted, she didn't exactly pick the restaurant, but given her food likes, we figured she'd appreciate the choice.  I hope we can continue this tradition as she grows up, because it is something I look back on with fondness.

Another tradition: birthday signs!

It's my birthday, and I can hang out in my diaper if I want to

Pssst, Sophia: the book is upside down!

She loves her stacking cups, both here and at daycare

Heading to meet daddy for lunch!


I know from past experiences that she likes cinnamon rolls, so I decided to let her have one of those as her first birthday "cake."  That evening, after supper, I put a candle in one, we sang to her, and allowed her to go to town.  She rather liked it, I think.

What. Is. That?!

Can I touch it? 

Hey, what are you doing with that?

Muuuuch better.  omnomnom.

See?  You gave it all to me.  Yummy!


Cinnamon rolls do WHAT to my babyish figure?!

Oh well.

After her "cake," she was entering melt-down mode, so we headed to bath and bed time rather quickly, saving gifts for the next day.  Not that she knew her birthday was any different than any other day yet, I think she had a good day.  I still can't believe a year passed so quickly!

Gifts from mom and dad.  Mostly books for our little bookworm.

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