Thursday, June 13, 2013

First visit to the library

Reading has always played a very large role in my life; I have loved to do it from a young age.  I can credit a lot of that to mom reading to me, and helping foster a love of reading.  I remember being in elementary school and rushing through my work not so I could play, but so I could read my book.  I also remember being made to do it over because it was too sloppy.  Once I got to middle school and high school, I would always have a book (or three) with me for the 45 seconds I might get to read during class.  I would also get in trouble for reading during class, though when I could answer the questions teachers asked me in the "I know you're not paying attention so I'm going to embarrass you by asking you a question" way, they tended to allow it a bit more.  I would also read in the car at night using the headlights from the cars behind us.  It's safe to say I really liked, and still like, reading.

That being said, I sincerely hope Sophia enjoys reading as much as I do.  I see too many kids that hate reading, and it makes me sad that they can't experience the same joy from losing yourself in a good book that I have experienced.  Judging by early data, it seems that Sophia enjoys books, and loves to be read to, which are important first steps.  We decided to check out the public library the other day, to see what titles they had (Sophia already has an extensive library of her own!), and what their kid's section was like.  It was quite impressive: board books, early reader books, and kid books for all levels of readers.  They even had a toy section, where Sophia could play with the trains.  We picked out a few books after looking around, and decided that it would be a fun place to visit again. 

Playing on the chair

Oh, hey, there's books here!

This is a good one...

And this one...

This one has real pages!

I think showing her that books can be fun is important in helping her continue to love them, and allowing her to follow her interests (once they manifest) is key to enjoying reading.  I can't wait until she can start to "read" books to me (ie, tell stories using the pictures, or from memory), and I look forward to many books read to her before bedtime.

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