Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hiking Skyline Drive

On Memorial day, we went up to Skyline drive (finally!) to go on our favorite hike.  It has been far too long since we have been up there, and I was grateful for the time to spend with my family doing something we love.  Sophia hung out in the Ergo carrier (love love love this thing), riding backpack style on the way to the fire watch tower, and front style on the way back to the car.  My awesome big rower got me a travel changing pad with pockets for Sophia's baby shower, and it has a velcro attachment thing, and it was perfect to slip around the belt of the Ergo in case of need.  Of course, it had been sunny and warm all day, until we decided to hike.  Then it got cool and rainy.  Until we were home.  That's just our luck, but we enjoyed our hike nonetheless.

Hanging out backpack style

Walking around the watch tower (note the nifty changing mat thing)

Bear walking

Hi dad!!

Taking in the view

Yes, Jordan is wearing TMNT pajama pants to hike in

"Smile!"....and this is what I get.  le sigh

I like this one

Naaaaa sigmoyaaaaa babatheeeebabaaaaaa! (intro to "Circle of Life" from Lion King for you non-Disney buffs)

We hope to get out there many more times this year than last (won't be hard!).

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