Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Number one daddy

We celebrated Father's day this past Sunday, and while I wasn't able to celebrate with my dad I was able to celebrate Sophia's dad.  This would be his second father's day (hard to believe!), as his first was when Sophia was itty bitty.  He is such a wonderful dad to her, and I am lucky to have found such an incredible man to be the father of our child.  From day -2 he has always looked out for the both of us, supported us fully, and even changes poopy diapers!  He loves playing with Sophia, I love watching them play, and it is clear that she loves her daddy.  When we get home and she sees him, she starts bouncing, holding her hand out to him, and when we get close enough, lunges for him.  Jordan is quite proud that she can finally say "dada"....I think he was afraid she'd say "dog" before she got around to dada.  :)

Quite possibly one of my favoritest pictures of the two of them

Playing in the museum in Indiana

Daddy cuddles

Super baby with Super daddy

Reenacting "Circle of Life"


Sleeping.  It's awfully hard to get out of bed when it looks this comfortable.

On Father's day, I had a meeting, so Jordan got to spend a lot of quality time with Sophia, which, believe it or not, was quite enjoyed.  He doesn't get to see her as often as either of us would like, so having time to spend with her is a luxury.  When I got home, I gave him Sophia's presents to him, and one from the two of us.  

"To our 'super' man: Happy Father's Day!  Love, Sophia and Laura"

Mini pots to plant some spices in. One reads "Sugar and spice and everything NICE...."  and the other "That's what your little girl is made of.  Happy Father's day!  <3 Sophia"

She hand-printed them, too!  I should have gotten the next size up, because her hand was a bit too big for these.

"To the 1st man to steal my heart...."  A t-shirt stamped by the footsies of Sophia.  My cousin had an awesome idea that Jordan should wear this under his tux if Sophia ever decides to get married (in, like, 50 years).  I thought that would be very cute.

So, to the awesome man in my life: Happy Father's day dearest.  And, to all you dads, adoptive dads, men who act like dads, and moms who are both mom and dad: Happy Father's day.

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