Saturday, June 1, 2013

One very full year

I can't believe that Sophia has been with us for a whole entire year now: it seems like we were just bringing her home.  I love seeing her learn new things, sometimes right before my eyes, and try new things and get quite the personality, but I miss my little baby.  Very fittingly, I got a message from Jordan on the 30th saying "Happy labor day," because it was indeed a full 24 hour day of labor, plus some the day before and of course a few hours the next day, all sans drugs (no, I'm not crazy) or a hospital stay (thank GOD).  I would do it all and more again in a heartbeat, because the moment Sophia was put on my chest, it was all forgotten, and all totally worth it.  She let me know what she thought about the whole process by pooping on me (thanks, dear), and was eating like a champ in no time at all.

Getting a clean bill of health

Awake and alert

First photo shoot (picture courtesy of bonus sister the first!)

Always dream big (picture courtesy of bonus sister the first!)

NO MORE PICTURES! (blackmail picture courtesy of bonus sister the first!)

After those first few days of learning to live with another absolutely adorable yet demanding human, things started to settle into a routine.  I went back to lab part time so I could drag out my leave as long as possible, and Jordan came with me to hang with Sophia and get some quality bonding time.  On the days I got to stay home, Sophia and I would hang out while Jordan went to work.

Hanging with dad in lab

First beach trip!

Unfortunately, that routine had to change, too, when I went back to school full-time, and Sophia started daycare.  It's always hard for me to leave her, but it is so much easier knowing how much she is cared for there, and how much she enjoys it.  Her teachers cared enough to notice what her favorite toy was, and made sure it was kept in her crib so she could play with it during tummy time.  She settled into the routine very well, and loved her teachers.  When she got to be mobile, she transitioned over to the "big girl" side of the room where she is free to crawl and explore to her heart's content.  She went from only drinking from a bottle to eating the school lunch and snacks and drinking her milk from a sippy cup while there, and her intense dislike for being served on a spoon has been a source of humor for all involved.

Another favorite picture (Courtesy Sonlight Images)

Fall, a frilly dress, and a hair bow.

Stealing mom's tea

Rug relocation patrol

Holding my keys at daycare

Our new normal lets me hang out with her all day Fridays and weekends and go to school Monday-Thursday and an overnight.  I love spending time with her, watching her play, listening to the sounds she makes, and feeling her snuggle up to me.

Peek-a-boo! (she hasn't quite managed to get her hands over her eyes yet....


Chillin' in her car

She has had a host of "firsts": holidays, visits, trips, sounds, abilities, and skills learned.  She will continue to learn new things, new words, and new abilities, and I am looking forward to watching and helping learn, though it will be with a pang of sadness as I know I am watching my baby grow into a little girl.  I had a friend remark that I was lucky with Sophia and I must agree I have been quite blessed.  Sophia is one of the happiest, laid-back, adjustable babies I know.  On top of that, she loves to sleep in the car and hasn't had issues breast-feeding or eating solid foods, once I stopped insulting her with baby food.  It would be a much bigger struggle to maintain my schedule if she were not so awesome, and I am thankful for it every day.

That first year was exhausting!

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