Friday, June 7, 2013

Scooter toy learning

Nana and Poppop got Sophia a ride-on toy for her birthday, one that you can either push from behind or sit and scoot on.  It is a majorly tricked out toy: it plays music, has all sorts of fun sounds, and the seat even opens and closes!  She loved the toy from the moment she opened it, and spent Saturday evening pushing it around.  Monday evening, she bee-lined it for the toy again once we got home, and started pushing it around the hall.  Then, she figured out not only how to get on the darn thing, but to scoot while on it!!  It was amazing seeing her figure it out and learn how to ride it.  One of the cooler moments I've had as a parent thus far; I'm constantly in awe of the learning curve going on.

And, speaking of learning, I have figured out how to put videos right in the blog, so no more clicking links!  Yay!

Up the hallway....

And back down the hallway.

Going for the backwards ride in this one.

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