Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Sophia, as you may have noticed, has a thing for dogs.  She also has a thing for things on wheels, particularly her red car.  When we go places that involve outside, she always "asks" if there's dogs around by saying "woof woof".  It is, quite possibly, one of the cutest things ever.  When we go on our family walks, she is always drawn to the neighborhood dogs, and wants to go play with them (ie, hit on them, put her finger in their eye, up their nose, and pull their fur.  All in a very loving manner).  My aunt has two very patient big-ish (more than 10 pounds, less than 80) dogs, just in the middle of our two dog size extremes.  Sophia starts bouncing and "woofing" very excitedly as soon as we go in my aunt's house, and beelines it for the dogs.  I am glad she loves animals so much, and very thankful she doesn't have any allergies!

Hey, whacha eatin'? (disclaimer: she climbed in their on her own accord.  I took her out when she tried to eat the dog food.)

Isn't this fun!

Giving Pumpkin some loving.

Having Priss around has made me appreciate not only the bond that can form between children and animals, but how useful they can be as well.  I mean, people without dogs around actually have to clean the floor after a meal!  We can just call in our four legged vacuum to take care of it for us, much to her disappointment, I'm sure.
Priss being pushed around.



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