Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 Family vacation: Part the first

The first part of vacation week was spent at VA Beach with Jordan's family.  This was Sophia's second beach trip, but the first that she could really enjoy/participate in.  We all stayed in the same house, and the kiddos got to play together.  Best thing?  The house is a block and a half from the water.  So it's just a quick walk and poof!  You're at the beach.

Headed from the house to the beach!

Not too sure she likes the hat.


Discussing a plan of attack with B

Wave watching.

Going out with daddy!

Making it back up to the shade.

Well, maybe just to Nana.

"Helping" B make her drippy castle

De-sanding in the pool

And, maybe a bit of playing, too.

Okay, Nana, I'm ready to catch some waves!

Tidal pools are fun places to play!

Yummy sand (BLECH!  I didn't panic, just so you know.  Granted, I didn't touch her, either....that was daddy's job.  She also pooped sand for a week, if you were curious)

Dad!  The sun's in my eyes!

Wave jumping

And pool riding!

Now, I like playing in the water.  But, I do NOT like the sand.  Not one teensy eensy little bit.  Icky icky icky.  So, Jordan had sandy baby detail.  It worked out well.

Some highlights from the trip (in no particular order):
Playing in the water
Girls beating the boys in spades, again!  (It's a shame that the boys can never seem to beat the girls...maybe one day we can find some good competition)
Sophia having fun running around
Watching B and Sophia play, and watching Sophia try to play with JJ by shoving toys at her (she does the same thing to dogs....we may need to work on her people skills)
Waking up to Sophia jumping on Jordan's back, and him taking her downstairs so I could sleep in.  He's wonderful, and won some major brownie points for that.
Spending 3.5 whole days with family!
Sharing our tradition of walking to the boardwalk along the ocean with Sophia (a 30 block hike out, and then back in, is no joke, 'specially in the sand)
Watching Sophia's reaction to frozen custard (Pthbbbbb!!)
Not driving anywhere longer than 10 minutes away for 2 Whole. Days.  I think the heavens opened up and angels sang.  Seriously.


  1. I would like a pair of Batman glasses!! xoxo

    1. I'm sure I can track some down for you using my spidey sense. :)