Monday, July 29, 2013

Budding fashionista

I knew it would happen: Sophia would one day have more fashion sense than me.  Granted, it's not that hard to do, and I'm sure some trees have better fashion sense than me.  But, I figured she'd at least be in middle school.  But, alas, not to be.  She heard that chunky bracelets were in:

Getting them just right!

They're faaaaaabulous!!

And, of course she has help from the fashionista queen: my seester.

Again, note the oversized bracelet (aka, teether), and the fancy toboggan thing.

Properly modeling the toboggan thing.  (M, not sure about that look, but it was the best picture of Sophia I had.  Love you!!)

And, of course, french braid pigtails.  :)

Attention all sisters (blood, bonus, and otherwise): You are being put on notice.  Any important life events that require any kind of matching/coordinating/appropriate-to-wear-in-public-with-no-ridicule outfits, you will be conscripted into the role of fashion consultant.  That is all.  

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