Monday, July 29, 2013

In which we go on VACATION

It was wonderful.  A whole week with no daytime lab appearances (yup, still went in a few nights to babysit my wormies).  But, still.  Naps!  Sleeping in!  Seeing people!  Sleep!  The beach!  Museums!  Sleep!  It was nice.  A quick overview (more detailed posts to come):

We tried to do most of our traveling with Sophia like this.

But got a little of this.

Sophia slept like this at night (yay for a whole week of being "forced" to have extra baby snuggles share a bed with Sophia)

Sometimes she'd pin me, so I couldn't sneak away.

When we got home, we felt like this.

And had to put away this (stacks of clothes).

We had bunches of fun going to the beach, eating sand (I'll let you guess who did that), playing in the water, visiting aquariums and museums in three different cities, seeing family, spending time with family, and have I mentioned yet how much I enjoyed the sleep?  Because I know I sure did.

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