Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 4th Shenanigans

So, the fourth of July happened, and I took, um, no pictures.  Whoopsie.  Good thing other people took pictures.  Anyway, mom came up to visit, and we (mom, Jordan, Sophia and I) ran the July 4th 10k Harrisonburg put on.  Sophia did the best, sleeping the whole time.  Amusingly, she woke up the instant we stopped.  I'll take it.  Jordan and I PR'd by 20 minutes over our time in the Richmond 10k (something about eating before a race making me not feel like shit may have helped....), so we were quite happy.  Mom (the cheater face!) only did 3 of her 4 laps, so we're not sure how she would have done, but I'm sure she would have rocked it.  She does a running group thingie and runs a lot more than I do, so she was ahead of us anyway.  

The pictures I have from the day were taken by race people, and stolen by me from their facebook page.  So, thank you race people!!

Pre-race deliberations.

Love this picture!!  Mom was entertaining Sophia while Jordan and I went to go put air in the stroller's tires.

Action shot.  Notice the konked out Sophia.

Later that day, Jordan and I helped unload a moving truck because BONUS SEESTER IS COMING HOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (just a wee bit 'cited there...)

Walking in the cul-de-sac.

Friday morning walk.  Pardon the "you're making me look into the sun while you take this picture" faces.

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