Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Va Beach Aquarium

While at VA Beach, Jordan and I took the two oldest kiddos (Sophia and B) to the aquarium.  I love looking at fish (don't believe me?  Ask my big rower how many times I've been to the Chatanooga aquarium), Sophia likes to look at fish, and B does, too.  Hence, trip!  We didn't get to see all of it, since it closed at 5 rather than at 6 like we thought.  But, we still had bunches of fun and saw lots of fishies and other animals (like turtles!).

Nifty little bubble thing in the turtle exhibit.

Close-up of us in the bubble!

Really cool tunnel THROUGH the tank.  As in, fish everywhere!!

Me and Sophia and the fishies

See?!  Fish above us!

B on a dolphin

And, add Sophia!  She was clearly not interested in daddy and the camera.

Looking at a GIANT alligator.


More fish!

Jordan and Sophia

Oh no!  B got eaten by a shark!!

Now we all did!  Save us!

Jordan and the girls.  Notice how only one of them is paying any attention to me.  *sigh*  More interesting things abounded.  As they should.


Climbing the steps in the butterfly exhibit was a highlight.  The butterflies, however, were hiding.

 Petting tank with horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs

Petting a horseshoe crab

Trying to eat more sand see what's in there.

"Here, look, Sophia!"

On the way home.  A 10 minute drive, mind you.  I think we got her good and tired.  :)

The aquarium was very kid-friendly, with interactive learning exhibits to go along with the fish.  There were also multiple "petting" tanks, which was cool, and each one had a hand washing station.  We missed the nature trail and other half, but will have to go back again to pick it up.  The part we did see, we enjoyed quite a bit!  The path through was a bit confusing at times, and we almost missed a tank or two, but managed to catch what we wanted.

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