Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 Family vacation: Part the second

The end of our vacation week was spent visiting Meme and Papa in Raleigh.  Like the first half of the week, it was low-key, with visiting, sleeping, and eating of yummy food occurring.  There was a visit to lab in there, but it wasn't too bad, since I was feeling well rested for once!  Dad had to work Thursday, but took Friday off and got to hang out with Sophia and Jordan (I slept in some!).  At times, I think they had more fun with her toys than she did!  Sophia loved being able to run around in a new place, playing with new "toys" and generally being the investigative child she normally is.

Jordan made homemade whipped cream to go with strawberries (OMG delicious), and we offered some cream to Sophia.  She said: pthbbb!  It was quite amusing.  Later, when we tried to get her to eat mashed potatoes, she did the same thing, thinking it was more cream.  Silly, silly little girl.

Whacha cookin' in there?

Dad playing with Sophia's toys.  

Jordan in the "I'm ready for you to roll the ball to me" position.  Love you honey!

Sophia trying to figure out what Jordan and dad are doing.  Notice how they're playing "roll the ball" behind her.  :)  Baby toys....not just for babies!

Sophia and Daisy

The plant stand was awesome to push around on the floor!

Checking out what's going on outside.

Meme and Papa have a whole cabinet full of tupperware!  And it's kid-accessible!

I think I'll play with this one over here...

And this mixing bowl goes here....

Hey, Papa, why are you playing with my toys?

I'm going to play with my toys here.  You play there.

During our visit, the required activities happened: dad cooked an incredible brisket, and we demolished it.  And, spades were played, and boys beaten.  Twice.  I am very proud of the fact that I went (and made!) nil with two aces and the queen of spades.  That, plus the boys going set on a 7 bid, helped us win the first game.  That one was pretty close, and quite fun.  The second game....not so close.  Mom and I went nil-3 three times in a row, pretty much guaranteeing our win.  We are currently accepting applications of boy teams that can put up some competition.  :)

Score sheet.  Yes, we trounced them in 6 hands.

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