Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is a bit late in coming, but we visited my awesome big rower and her hubby over a weekend.  Ever since she graduated, I have gone to visit her in August.  The past two years, thanks to weddings and babies, we have seen each other twice, or sometimes even three times a year!  We've decided that someone needs to keep getting married or having babies so these visits can continue at their current frequency.  Anywho, since Chattanooga is not exactly close to VA, we did the whole overnight drive thing so Sophia would just sleep the drive away and not freak out about the extended time in her carseat.  A bonus to overnight driving is missing all the traffic!  Yay no traffic!

Jordan made himself comfortable

While down there, the girls celebrated my big rower at her baby shower!  That's right folks, I'm getting a little big rower!  She's not finding out the sex, so it'll be a surprise when s/he gets here, but they will be showered with love regardless of their genitalia.  

Beautiful picture (courtesy Jordan)

Required trips to TGIFridays and the world's coolest playground were also made, as was Sophia's first trip to a "blue hole."  At least I think it was a blue hole.  I'm not sure of proper terminology for these things.  We drove to the river/creek, and hiked down to it.  Since I hadn't planned on us swimming, the adults swam in clothes, and Sophia swam in a onesie, sans diaper.  She loved the water, and especially loved dropping little rocks in the water.  We put a big pile of them on a boulder for her, and she stood in the water, picked up a rock, dropped it in the water, and repeated the process.  Such an easy way to keep her entertained!  We will be back in Novemberish when peanut makes their arrival!  Yay!

Sophia liked the couch, and the remote.

Playing at the world's coolest playground.

Climbing stairs

Getting ready to go down the slide


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