Monday, August 5, 2013

Last of the vacation pictures

These were taken by Nana (beach pictures) and Meme, and me (but I forgot to get them in other posts.  Whoops!).
Unpacking her toys when we first arrived.  What does she go for?

The book.  That's my girl!

Sweet B

*sigh*  The team = icky poo poo, but the cuteness!  :)

Blowing up the baby pool (Thanks for these, Nana!)

Me and Sophia in the waves (seeing as Jordan didn't get many.....ahem)

Sitting in B's chair

Hanging with dad


Family picture.  :)
Pictures from mom:

Sophia and the stuffed piggy.  She could play with it until seester got jealous, then she took it and hid it on their bed.  

Sophia looks so concerned!

Mexican food!  Yummy quesadilla.

Um, this is my fox.  Get your own.

Playing with the scooter/rider toy meme and papa got for her to play with at their house!  Ben loves this toy.... (insert evil grin here)

That's the end of city hopping vacation!  It was relaxing, but nice to be in our bed.  Back to the real world....

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