Monday, August 5, 2013


No, not the living breathing kind.  Good heavens, no.  We have enough of those.  Sophia got a big puppy and a little puppy for her birthday from seester and her man.  The big puppy lives in Sophia's room, and the little one in her crib, or carseat.  They are incredibly soft, and for Sophia, awesome because she can pull ears and poke eyes without having to first chase anything down.

Loving on the big puppy.

Big puppy has a "book" on its ear!  Bonus! (aka, mom forgot to take off the tag.....whoops!)


More lounging

Bouncing on the puppy (and giving mom's tummy a break from the bouncing!)

Wuv, twu wuv....


'mere puppy...I want to try to put you in the drawer.

Sleeping with little puppy

He makes a great pillow!

Priss is also very excited about these puppies, as Sophia's new favorite game is screeching and running after the cats and/or Priss.  They are not too terribly thrilled with that new skill.  One of the cutest things is seeing her snuggle up with her little puppy the same way I sleep, tucking her arm around, up, and under.

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