Friday, August 2, 2013

Raleigh Children's museum

While we were in Raleigh, we decided to check out the kids museum downtown.  We made the mistake of going on a Saturday afternoon, so it was pretty busy, but it was cool seeing all the kids involved in play and learning activities.  Like the Charlotte museum, this one had a special area for little kids, but unlike the Charlotte museum, it was a completely separate room, something I didn't much care for.  Sophia still had fun walking around and playing with the different toys, though, which was good enough for me.  

Hey there!

Sophia the deer

Peeking over the railing

Sophia the deer with a fox

Sophia the deer going up the steps (the steps were made of soft foamy stuff, so even if you face planted on them, you wouldn't end up missing teeth.  Very cool)

Sophia the deer takes a nap

They had a hole in the wall like a little cave thing, which was nifty.  It was full of stuffed things (leafs, acorns, stumps, etc.)

Tunnel, where Sophia took three acorns

"magic" mushroom (okay, I don't know if it was magic, but what other kind of mushroom glows?)  Sophia loved climbing up on this and sitting.

In the tunnel, looking through a knot-hole

When we were done in the little kid area, we walked through the rest of the museum to see what was there, and file that information away for when she gets a bit bigger.  There was one room devoted to "money" in the form of balls (think the kind in a ball pit).  There were ways kids could earn money, banks to deposit it it, and activities to teach responsible budgeting and saving of money.  All in all, pretty cool.  And fun to play in.  One of the attractions was a slide.  Remembering how much Sophia liked the slide in Charlotte (once she knew what was going on), I took her up there.  The first time, I had to show her where to go, but the other times she bee-lined it straight to the slide.  

Going up.  Hi daddy!

Coming down the first time.  I am not quite built for turny slides anymore....

Letting Sophia go down by herself this time (with me not very far just can't see me)

Playing in the ball "pit".  I would have love it if she would have given that lady a wedgie!  But, alas.  It was not to be.

On the 100!  :)

Overall: pretty good museum, full of activities and things for kids to do, but I don't like that the littles have a room separate from everybody else, so parent's can't see what older kids might be doing.

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