Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My very first AARP card.  I really want to flash it and see if I get a discount.....

Look in the mirror for this one: Sophia put her blanket over her head to keep the sun from her eyes. 

My "because it's Monday" flowers.  :)

And, cute story:  Sophia was snuggling her Nemofish (from the aquarium) on the way to school today, and wanted to take him in.  She is starting to get into snuggling her stuffed animals, which I think is adorable.  I let her take Nemofish in, and she held onto him while I changed her diaper and got her dressed for the day.  She was still holding on to him when I put her at the table to eat her breakfast, and probably would have kept him if I would have let her.  But, I told her that Nemofish had to come with me, but would be in the car for her after school.  She was okay with that, but it was quite cute to see her walking around with a stuffed clownfish.  (If you don't understand the origin of his name, I don't know if we can be friends)

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