Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lunch time!

Sophia appreciates her food.  Particularly at lunch time.  On her daily reports from daycare, I always see she has second and third helpings most days.  Growing and playing is calorie intensive!  We have only recently started ordering Sophia her own order when we go out.  Previously, we would just let her eat off our plate.  But, she was eating too much of our meal!  We went to A&Ts the other day, and this was the first time she got her very own order there:  1/4 a chicken.  The owner (who is awesome and knows everybody by name) didn't believe that she would finish it all.  She is a petite little thing after all.  So, I present you with a before and after:

Tearing up the chicken.

Using both hands to shove it in her mouth.

And the after: those little pieces she finished in the car.

So, yes, she can eat an entire 1/4 chicken all by herself, meaning she can eat more than her Meme.  :)

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