Friday, September 6, 2013

Pet awards

I hereby nominate Rummy, domesticus caticus, for the world's best cat award.  I also nominate him for the world's laziest, fattest, and dumbest cat award, but these are but secondary to the primary award, and probably play into it to some degree.

Sophia has now discovered cats are pretty cool.  Onyx is smart enough to hide from her, as is Sweetie.  Or at least stay juuuuust out of reach on the stairs behind the gate.  Nemo runs from her, but likes to be out and about. Rummy.  He doesn't escape, or run, or try to jump the gate.  No, he just sits there.  Or, moves approximately 3 feet away and gets jumped again.  That being said, he also just lays there and takes it.  No claws, no biting, no freaking out.  Hence, one awesome cat.

Rummy, the pillow.

I looooove you.

Oh, look, you have a nose!

Rummy, the horse.

Yes, Rummy wins the world's laziest best cat award in a landslide.

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