Monday, September 9, 2013

Trip to the park

Over (last) weekend, we took Sophia to a local park that has bunches and bunches of places to climb, and slides and twirly things and and and....basically utopia to a VERY ACTIVE toddler.  As an added bonus, there were dog sightings, and she tried to chase one down that was going for a run with its owner.

Woof woof!

Equally amusing to Sophia was the mulch and the gravel.  I think she almost spent equal time putting individual pieces of mulch on a bench as she did running around in the play ground.  Each to their own, I suppose.  

Climbing over the bench

Going up to the slide with daddy

Jordan and I discovered we didn't fit through the "halls" and tunnels and doors of the playground near as well as we did a few years ago (yes, just a few, thank you very much!!).  

Hi there!



Ever since the children's museum, Sophia has loved going down slides.  Little ones, or big ones. She'll try any of them.  If she is taking herself down, she rides down on her belly.  Or, if I think it's a biiiiit too tall, I'll put her down on her belly.  But, if it's a short one and Jordan's helping her, she goes down on her butt.  The coolest thing to me is that once she goes down, she remembers how to get back up to the top to go down over and over again.

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