Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Helping out

So, I'm pretty sure I told y'all that bonus seester the first has FINALLY COME HOME.  In case I didn't, back track a few words.  Being super awesome and such, she's opening a studio to be all musically nifty with people.  I went over to get in the way lend a hand moving things and help her clean up the space a bit.  Sophia came with (of course!) and decided to help out, also.

She said hi to the cats

And decided to thoroughly inspect the mower attachment thingie that was hanging out in the space.

Very thouroughly.

The bar thing made a perfect lap bar.

Then she decided that the floors really needed to be mopped.

And she even brought her own bucket!

Among the tasks we helped with was bringing some things from the studio space to the barn via 4-wheeler.  While bonus seester was cleaning her new chairs, Sophia and I volunteered to drive the 4-wheeler down and unload it.  Sophia thought it was the Coolest. Thing. Ever.  When we pulled up and stopped at the studio, she started pulling on the handles and signing "moremoremoremoremoremoremore".  I have come to the conclusion that she needs a 4-wheeler for Christmas.  

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  1. Would bonus seester let me least a small piece for photog? I will help with the cleanin'!