Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I realized that even though I've been successfully blogging for almost a year (yay!), I've been pretty slack lately.  Whoops!  Oh well, life happens, ya know?  And I'd rather live it than be too concerned about documenting it.  But, some documentation needs to happen (hence the title of the blog).  So, here's what we've been up to lately:

Bonus sister the first is HOME!!!  We're so excited.  But, not too terribly interested in that leaf.

Hmmm...or that leaf.  Nah.

Rummy-cat.  He decided that he was too good to simply lay on the table and must instead lay on the table AND the chair.  Silly, silly boy.

We had a Japanese-themed supper with some friends, and Sophia got her very own place setting!  She was very enthusiastic about the buckwheat noodles, watermelon, and blueberries, but shunned her shrimp.  So, I helped her with that problem. ;)

This is how it goes, right mom?  (Yes, she's playing in my underwear drawer.  No, that's not underwear on her head, it's a bra.  Yes, my room is an explosion zone.  Don't judge)

Socks go on feet!

Sophia is rapidly learning new signs, and can now let us know that she wants moremoremoremorefoodfoodfoodfoodmoremoremoremore and that she is very excited about the dogdogdogdogdog.  We have added book, bath, and hot to her repertoire, and are working on cat and a consistent ball.  She's also getting better with vocalizing, having almost 10 "words" that are understandable.  One of her cute new tricks is making a fish-face when she sees a picture of a fish in one of her books.  A not-so-cute trick has been pulling out her hair (literally) to play with it in the car seat.  We've been watching a little more signing time to try and avoid this habit.  Another proud-mom moment: we had a #2 on the big-girl potty!  Granted, I threw her on there when I caught her in her "I'm poo'ing" stance, so it was more luck than anything.  But, still.  One less poopy diaper to change, thank you very much.

In other news, I've started promoting the things I make more on facebook, and have been getting in some fun orders!  I love the amount of creativity I can have with these, and how cute the babies always look.  Jordan is happy I'm finally self-funding my yarn habit.  :)

Christmas set

Fall set

Twinsies! (turn your head, sorry)

I'll try to do better about getting a few pictures of the offspring (discovered an awesome park last week that we're going to visit again, so that will be a good photo op), and keeping all 3 of my readers up-to-date.  :)

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  1. I LOVE being up to date lol. And holy cow she is growing too fast. Make it stop...NOW :) pleasekaythanks