Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall shenanigans

Here's the fall round-up that I haven't gotten around to posting yet.  Stay tuned for a video of Sophia's awesome halloween costume made by Jordan (as soon as I upload it).

Helping me carry baskets for the fall vendor show!  (If you didn't come, you missed out)

The pet store:  the cheapest aquarium ever!


Helping me in the hardware store.

A baby gate for the bonus seester!  She finished it to her wishes.  Seeing as she's waaaaaaay more fashionably gifted than me, it seemed smart.

Toy truck.  :)  I'm proud of this one.

Her pumpkin from daycare!

I got this mommy.

Sophia as Yoda.  With her bedazzled purse as a candy holder.

Moooom, I want in the kitchen.  I also really dig this top.

Sorry, honey, there's nothing down there yet.

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