Monday, December 23, 2013

Trip to see sister GRADUATE!!! (and see bonus seester the second)

SISTER HAS HER DEGREE!!!  Way to go kiddo.  Now, get a job.  :)

Anyway, we went to Charlotte to see the sis graduate, and spend some quality time with bonus seester the second and her awesome family (thanks for letting us crash at your place!).  Sister kicked some major butt, and is now the proud holder of a chemistry degree from UNC-C.  She enjoyed her time there so much, she took an extra semester (or two) to soak in the ambiance.  But, hey, results pay off, huh??

The proud graduate

One day, kiddo.  One day.

We celebrated post-graduation with some eats at the proud graduate's place.

Sophia tried on my "shooos"

And played with the "ba" and helped sister play her new guitar.

At bonus seester the second's house, Sophia got to play with an accepted applicant for future husband: bonus cousin!  (no, there won't be any consanguinity, 'cause the relationship is bonus, not blood)

Hud loved Sophia

Really loved her.

Like, a lot.

Hand check there, buddy!  :)

And, he loved pushing her on the rolling toy.  Sophia loved this arrangement.

Sophia discovered that there was a drawer under the oven.

We were never quick enough with the camera to get her laying down and hiding.

 We also went to the mall where a shoe store was closing and having an awesome sale!  Sophia got some great shoes, and has perfected the shoe bag carry already.

Hi?  :)

Sophia had the floofiest pillow on the bed pegged in 0.5 seconds.

During a pit stop, Sophia decided that the temperature needed adjusting.

She gave some driving lessons.


One handed driving....looking cool, yo.

And, adjusting the 'tunes.

Video of Hud pushing Sophia around.  

Thanks bonus seester for sharing the video and some of the pictures!!  Muchly appreciated.  And, thank you mom for some of the graduation ones!  (ie, I stole them from your facebook)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How I spend my Fridays

Fridays, oh glorious Fridays.  The day where I don't have to drive at all unless I want to.  Where I can (try) to talk a certain little someone into sleeping in until 8 (gasp!).  And, where I get to play all day with the aforementioned squirt.  Who is getting increasingly talkative and personality-filled.  

Still loves reading.  If I don't appear to be 110% engaged in what she's doing (and even if I am), she'll bring me book after book after book and push them on my lap, asking me to read the "buu".

Boxes are the best.  They're perfect for sitting in and reading.

No, I'm not sponsored by Huggies.  Promise.  (Though I wouldn't mind being sponsored!  Anybody know a rep?! ;) )

Sophia has recently discovered shadows.

And is fascinated by them.

She also thinks that laundry is a necklace.  I'm pretty sure she's got, oh, 10-15 things on right now.  Her favorite is my underpants drawer.  Or, as I refer to it, her necklace drawer.

Sophia also loves asking for me to draw on her magnadoodle, or scribbiling on it herself.  Favorites include elephants (she'll make the noise and raise the arm for the trunk) or baby ("ba").  She is very proficient at erasing, and then asking you to draw again.  :)

Here's what I work on during play time.

And this.  :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

New kitties

We are hopeless suckers for animals.  Which maaaaaay explain why we have a zoo in the house.  I mean, seriously: 4 cats, 2 kittens, 2 80-lb behemoths of dogs, 1 sorry excuse of a dog, AND a husband??  Our house can easily be confused for the loony bin.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way.  And, we have been so incredibly lucky to get such awesome animals.  All of them are rescues in one way or another, but they have all blessed us beyond measure.

Our two new kittens: Peach and Gil (who gets the reference??)

Sophia loooooooooves Peach

Peach isn't so sure

Again, we got lucky with these two new kittens.  Sophia loves them, and they are quite tolerant of her love.  :)  Welcome to the family Peach and Gil!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When you live in the middle of nowhere....

Or, as I like to say, when you live five miles from where Jesus lost His sandals, you run into wildlife.  Sometimes literally.

I got my first bear!!

I hear it's a lot easier with a gun....

The most annoying part of the whole matter:  I get my first ever bear, and the first bear of the family, and do I even get to try any of it??  Nooooooooooo.  Someone (whoshallremainnamelessJordan) wouldn't get out of bed to go find the now gutless bear.  Insert sadface here.  

But!  My lab-mate is awesome, and I came back to lab to this awesome sign:

"A day in lab without you is unbearable!!  Too soon?  -D"

Animal noises

Sophia is an expert at the noises animals make (just ask her what a bunny's hilarious.  That, and a pig).  So, to mortify her when her prom date shows up preserve this memory, I got a video!

Please, enjoy.