Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How I spend my Fridays

Fridays, oh glorious Fridays.  The day where I don't have to drive at all unless I want to.  Where I can (try) to talk a certain little someone into sleeping in until 8 (gasp!).  And, where I get to play all day with the aforementioned squirt.  Who is getting increasingly talkative and personality-filled.  

Still loves reading.  If I don't appear to be 110% engaged in what she's doing (and even if I am), she'll bring me book after book after book and push them on my lap, asking me to read the "buu".

Boxes are the best.  They're perfect for sitting in and reading.

No, I'm not sponsored by Huggies.  Promise.  (Though I wouldn't mind being sponsored!  Anybody know a rep?! ;) )

Sophia has recently discovered shadows.

And is fascinated by them.

She also thinks that laundry is a necklace.  I'm pretty sure she's got, oh, 10-15 things on right now.  Her favorite is my underpants drawer.  Or, as I refer to it, her necklace drawer.

Sophia also loves asking for me to draw on her magnadoodle, or scribbiling on it herself.  Favorites include elephants (she'll make the noise and raise the arm for the trunk) or baby ("ba").  She is very proficient at erasing, and then asking you to draw again.  :)

Here's what I work on during play time.

And this.  :)

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