Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sophia's second Christmas

We used our Christmas tree from last year as our tree from this year (ie, we were too late in getting to Home Depot to get a new blue spruce).  So, We pulled this one inside.
Pretty tree

Sophia and daddy decorated, Priss supervised

Very careful consideration of ornament placement.

Side note:  I got hooks at Hobby Lobby that aren't all sharp and pointy and bendy!  They're swirly-cues, nice and sturdy, and quite pretty.  I like them better than the standard ones I grew up knowing.

Fully decorated tree!

We did some staging for Sophia's presents, since there was a theme going on:

Her kitchen was her big present, and I am darn proud of that thing!  (post coming later on the "how")

Sophia noticed it right away!

Then we opened presents from RonRon

And some more from Santa.

She was pretty excited!


After our Christmas, we headed over to Jordan's parents for Christmas with his parents, sister and her family.

Sophia opened more presents.

And JJ was all kinds of cute.

New puzzles!  That make noise!

Family picture.

Sophia and PopPop reading her books.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and merry New Year, and is back home safe and sound!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bath time!

 I forgot to add that while we were crashing at bonus seester the second's house, there was an adorable bath time to be had!
So many toys!  (and Hudson, so modest!  Good job!)

What book do you have?  I want your book, because you have it.

Uh, mom?  You sure this is okay?

I love to read in the bath, too.  Do they make waterproof books for big kids?  (almost said waterproof adult books, and second thought that decision!)

Post-hair wash

Last little bit of play time

I mean, how cute are these two?