Friday, February 21, 2014

Snowpocylapse 2014

Okay, not really, but everybody panicked.  We ended up getting about 18" of really good snowball/snowman snow.  :)  And, as an added bonus, neither Jordan nor I were able to get to work, so we got some bonus family time!

Sophia made an obligatory trip outside.  We used garbage bags for snow pants (thank you Girl Scouts!)

She sunk only about halfway down, but even that was enough to make her skeptical of this stuff.

Um, mom, it's really hard to walk in this stuff.

Maybe it will make sliding fun?

Hey!  The end is blocked!

The weekend she was much more agreeable to get out.  There were walking paths, and she could wear her "ha" and mittens.

Walking the path.

But, what made her really love the snow (or, as she says, "nos") was the discovery that it could be made into a snowball that was perfect for eating!

Supervising daddy.... he makes a snowman!

Going to visit the snowman.  The snow is much easier to walk in, now.

Sitting on the snowman!  (look close....she's on top!)

And, now, all the snow is melted and we have a muddy mess to show for it with just a few small patches of "nos" for Sophia to point out.

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