Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whirl wind of a life

Life has been a bit, shall we say, crazy lately.  I feel like I've been running from one thing to another to another, stopping only to sleep (sometimes).  So, I have been lax about my updates.  I have also been horrible about taking pictures.  Shame on me.  But, my laxity has been pointed out to me.  So, here's a life update in picture form.  
Sophia is growing. 

And being a monkey-in-training

She still loves her books, and being read to.

Sleeping Sophia needs her space.

She loves her Christmas presents....the grocery cart is a big hit.


She has cereal in a a pan.

This chair needs to be over there.

Snow bunny!  She wanted her "ha" on, and the mittens.

Officially trained for the half marathon I'm running in April.

We still have the (now undecorated) Christmas tree in the living room.  The little kitties like to hide in there.

Sophia with Pha, the maker of some ah-mazing chicken.  :)  She looooves visiting her, and eating her weight in chicken.

I would like to order the cute kid behind the counter...

There.  That's the life update.  I've been working like crazy in lab, and have finally been given the okay to start writing a paper!  Which I have been wonderful at procrastinating on.  *sigh*  I've also been making a whole lot of hats and such.  :)

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