Friday, March 21, 2014


Hearing Sophia say "snow" is absolutely adorable.  She pronounces it "nos," commonly in a squeal with many exclamation points.  As previously mentioned, while she was none too sure about her first encounter, she has since overcome any hesitation and absolutely loves it.  If she sees it when we're walking, she will pull me towards it so she can walk through it.  As we're driving, I hear "NOS!  NOS!  NOS!  NOS!" every time we pass some snow.  Which, you figure since it's spring (or nearly spring, when the pictures were taken), wouldn't be all that often anymore, right?

Wrong.  That, friends, is snow.  In March.  A day or so after we got 6".  Of snow.  4 days before spring.  Mother nature, you need to get your act together!

But, Sophia does love it, so I can only complain but so much.  And, I must admit, I like snow days, too, since it means I don't have to go to Richmond.  That being said, finding a good way to let her play in it has proven difficult.  Until I came up with the following:

Don't bring the kid outside....bring the snow inside!

Playing with our bowl and spoon

Yes, she is sitting on her potty while playing.  It makes a wonderful seat/stepstool.

Hmmm....what to do next.

Snow Nos is yummy!

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