Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes, Part the First

I get the feeling there will be many iterations of this post, as Sophia gets more and more verbal.  But, this is the first installment.

Setting:  Church
The "introductory" stuff had concluded, and we had just finished the hymn.
Pastor:  You may be seated
Sophia:  YAAAAY!
Congregation in our half of the church:  hahahahahahaha
Me: *blush*  shhhhhhhh

On the way home, every day:
Sophia:  "Sissy outsie {outside}"
Me: "That's right, we're going to let Sissy outside."
Sophia:  "Sissy pee pee.  Outsie.  Sissy outsie"
Me: "....That's right.  Sissy goes pee pee outside."
Sophia:  "Sissy pee pee.  Sissy pee pee.  Outsie.  Pee pee outsie."
Me:  Yuuuuuup.

Also on the way home, as soon as we hit the other side of the mountain:
Sophia: "Sassys!  Sassys!"
Me: Do you need your sunglasses?
Sophia: "Yes!"

When asked a question:
Me: Sophia, do you want to wear your shoes?
Sophia:  Ummmmmmmmmmmm, yeah!

While driving:
Sophia:  "Bee 'cuck [truck]  Beeee 'cuck!"
Me: Yes, that's a big truck.
Sophia: "Whi' bee 'cuck"
Me:  That's right.  That's a white big truck. *dear Lord child, work on your enunciation!*

Nap-time at Nana and PopPop's

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