Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spartan training and my training partner

I decided it would be a good idea to register for an obstacle race that's more than 26 miles.  As in, longer than a marathon.  With a time limit.  With this in mind, I have also decided that it would be a good idea to train for said race.  You know, so I don't get kicked off the course and given a DNF.  Which would be sad.  I want my medal (and, okay, bragging rights) darnit!

With the training, I am loathe to miss out on Sophia time, so she has become my training partner!  She's great weight training (you try carrying a 30ish lb squirmy mini-human on your back!) and fun motivation:  "car!  car!  Tee!  Tee!  Tuck!  Bee Tuck!  Busss!  Tee!  Roc!  Roc!  Bee Roc!  Roc!  'tump!" (car, tree, truck, big truck, bus, tree, rock, stump).  She is very proud to point out every. single. item to me.  And, truth be told, I am happy to acknowledged her efforts and provide colors.

Sophia has her own weights now.  (Heaby!)

Itty bitty weights.

Training partner.  Backpack style.

This is where I go up to the very tippy top of the hill that you can barely see in the clouds.  It will be good hill training, to go up a mountain I said.  Even better to have a squirmy 30lb mini-human on your back I said.  This will be a great workout.....

And this is the view from the tippy top.  The bottom is down in the snow.  The tippy top only took, oh, an hour or so to reach.  ($#)&#_+(% hill training on a mountain.  Maybe next weekend it will only take 45 minutes.....

We also went for a trail hike.


She was my backpack buddy again, but very eager to hike.  So, right after I promised her she could walk, we came to this.  I tried to talk her into riding again (NO!), and then decided to let her try.  Why not, right?  She conquered it like a champ.  :)

Let's go mom!

Jumping off all the rocks was fun.  

It feels good to be training for something again, and it feels awesome to have such a wonderful training partner.  

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