Thursday, May 29, 2014

Phone chargin'

Sophia like to play with our phones....they light up and make fun noises, and sometimes if she's lucky, even play Signing Time clips.  But, we happen to like our phones in one piece and not completely locked out.  So, we give her our old phones to play with:  a flip phone and my oooooooold smart phone.  Well, Sophia decided that her phone would be much more fun if it was charged, so she tried to plug it in:

I'm sure it goes in here somewhere.....

Maybe like this?

She couldn't quite understand why I was laughing.  Also, slightly afraid about the intelligence level shown....I'm fully expecting her to re-wire the house by the time she's 3.  I should start studying.....

Friday, May 16, 2014

Talkin' on phones

 Sophia loves playing with my phone (note: don't let your toddler play with your phone even if it's locked, because she will mess up the pass code so many times that Google makes you re-login to your phone), and we have some old ones laying around, so she has two "phones".  As they are old, she can throw them down the stairs/sit on them/whatever without destroying something actually important.

Playing with her phone.  She loves to open and close this one.

Hewwo?  I asked her who she was talking to, and got a very enthusiastic RonRon! in response.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

In which I get a new sewing machine

My old (and I really do mean old) sewing machine got horribly, terribly, no-goodly jammed in the needle down position.  Sad panda here.  I couldn't do anything with it.  So, I had to get a new one.  (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).  I shopped around, asked my awesome sewing friend, and checked out the deals on Amazon.  I got a steal of a deal there, and am the proud owner of a super fancy Brother sewing machine.  I am half convinced it's smarter than I am, but as soon as it came in, I had to take it for a test drive.  You know, just to make sure it worked.  And so I could play with all the stitch options.  I've also been itching to make some cute things for Sophia (that way I can control the colors, too!), and this was the perfect opportunity!

Test drive #1: a shirt.  Sophia is clearly more interested in her crackers.  Button hole maker part works!

We'll just pretend she's this excited about her shirt.

Test #2:  dress with "shirred" front.  (new term I learned!)  I am darn proud of this dress, and am in love with the colors. (pattern here)

Getting Sophia to hold still long enough for a picture, though, was a whole different story.  Therefore, here is the dress on a model going warp 7.

She loved the "pah-kitz"

Like, a lot.  She also liked jumping on the bed.

I have a bajillion other ideas floating in my head, and can't wait for them to come out.  My only problem now is all the cute fabrics I see, and want really bad.  First yarn, now fabrics.... :)  Forget a craft room....I need a craft house!  Who's with me?

Position wanted: Lab assistant

I went to drop off the newest in teaching fashions visit a friend, and of course tiny human came with.  I mean, what else is more out of place on a college campus than a small child? (No, really....I can't think of anything)  She decided that almost 2 is plenty old enough to become a lab assistant, and she has wonderful taste:  she was checking out the lab of the worm guy at JMU.  Can't fault her there!  Sure, she may need a step stool to reach the lab bench, and occasional reminders not to lick the glassware, but I am quite confident that she will be an excellent slave lab tech.

Checking out the lab conditions...

Yeah, mom, this is the one I want to work in!

And, there's a door stop!

So, Dr. B, are you taking applicants?!  :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Sophia got to celebrate Easter twice: once at mimi and papa's house and once at ours.  She caught on to this egg-finding thing remarkably fast, and even learned to shake the eggs to see if there's anything good inside. 

Eggs in papa's meticulously groomed front yard. 

Showing her what to do.


Running along to find more eggs.



Looking to see what was inside

Ooooo....animal cookies! (or raisins?)

Showing papa what's inside her eggs

Opening more eggs


Then, time to have Easter at our house.  She got some goodies in her Easter basket, soccer ball, baseball, basketball, and football and a bunny.

Where's the egg?

Finding eggs....

Tricky egg.....not too tricky for tiny human.


If she could, I'm sure that Sophia would go on Easter egg hunts every day.  She wanted a repeat performance at our house, which she got.  Her puppy shirt that she's wearing was another basket goodie.  I thought it was fitting:  a puppy with a "bo" and "sassys".

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter, full of family or friends, and lots of eggs to find.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Festival

On that wonderful piece of social media (Facebook), I was informed of a great way to entertain the tiny human (new name for Sophia, courtesy of lab-mates).  There was a spring festival thinger at a camp!  There would be rocks!  Trees!  Water!  Rocks!  Oh, yeah, and festival-ish things like food and animals to pet, and a perfect "little husband" that I hadn't seen in far too long.  No, not mine.  This "little husband" is claimed by the person who kindly notified me of this event, but he has been a friend of mine for quite some time.  His wife is pretty darn cool, also.  So, tiny human and I went to see the rocks spring festival goings on and so I could say hi to some friends of mine that were long over-due for a hi.

We checked out the "Bee 'rocks"

And held some rocks while sitting on a rock.  She would have been perfectly content to do just that for the rest of the morning.

They had a bubble blower!!

Bubbles!  Sophia thought it was hers ("Mie!") and was upset when I wouldn't let her throw rocks at it.

What a talented "little husband"....driving "cac-cors" [tractors] full of very excited small children.

He was well supervised. 

He even managed to take a picture of us!  (Thanks!)

Looking over the edge ("nee.  nee.") {letting me know she was on her knees, and not standing up}

Holding her water.

Animals to pet!  

The "ba" living up to its name.  She'll call some animals by their name (puppy, 'tat) and some by their sound (ba being a good example)

Also "bok bok".  They had three sizes of chickens:  big, medium, and....

Small!  I call these chicken nuggets.  Tiny human isn't big enough to be traumatized by that phrase, yet.  She was braver this time, and wanted to touch them.  Nana had nuggets earlier, and she wasn't too sure about them.  Birds tend to make her nervous.  Big dogs, not so much.  Silly, silly tiny human.

Also not pictured is how ridiculously fast she learned the art of eating funnel cake:  take piece of funnel cake.  Suck off powdered sugar.  Re-dip in powered sugar.  Repeat.  *sigh*  We took a pork sandwich to go, but tiny human was so worn out she fell asleep before finishing idea of a good morning!

Thanks for the notice of a lovely way to spend our morning E!