Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Sophia got to celebrate Easter twice: once at mimi and papa's house and once at ours.  She caught on to this egg-finding thing remarkably fast, and even learned to shake the eggs to see if there's anything good inside. 

Eggs in papa's meticulously groomed front yard. 

Showing her what to do.


Running along to find more eggs.



Looking to see what was inside

Ooooo....animal cookies! (or raisins?)

Showing papa what's inside her eggs

Opening more eggs


Then, time to have Easter at our house.  She got some goodies in her Easter basket, soccer ball, baseball, basketball, and football and a bunny.

Where's the egg?

Finding eggs....

Tricky egg.....not too tricky for tiny human.


If she could, I'm sure that Sophia would go on Easter egg hunts every day.  She wanted a repeat performance at our house, which she got.  Her puppy shirt that she's wearing was another basket goodie.  I thought it was fitting:  a puppy with a "bo" and "sassys".

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter, full of family or friends, and lots of eggs to find.

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