Saturday, May 10, 2014

In which I get a new sewing machine

My old (and I really do mean old) sewing machine got horribly, terribly, no-goodly jammed in the needle down position.  Sad panda here.  I couldn't do anything with it.  So, I had to get a new one.  (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).  I shopped around, asked my awesome sewing friend, and checked out the deals on Amazon.  I got a steal of a deal there, and am the proud owner of a super fancy Brother sewing machine.  I am half convinced it's smarter than I am, but as soon as it came in, I had to take it for a test drive.  You know, just to make sure it worked.  And so I could play with all the stitch options.  I've also been itching to make some cute things for Sophia (that way I can control the colors, too!), and this was the perfect opportunity!

Test drive #1: a shirt.  Sophia is clearly more interested in her crackers.  Button hole maker part works!

We'll just pretend she's this excited about her shirt.

Test #2:  dress with "shirred" front.  (new term I learned!)  I am darn proud of this dress, and am in love with the colors. (pattern here)

Getting Sophia to hold still long enough for a picture, though, was a whole different story.  Therefore, here is the dress on a model going warp 7.

She loved the "pah-kitz"

Like, a lot.  She also liked jumping on the bed.

I have a bajillion other ideas floating in my head, and can't wait for them to come out.  My only problem now is all the cute fabrics I see, and want really bad.  First yarn, now fabrics.... :)  Forget a craft room....I need a craft house!  Who's with me?

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