Saturday, May 10, 2014

Position wanted: Lab assistant

I went to drop off the newest in teaching fashions visit a friend, and of course tiny human came with.  I mean, what else is more out of place on a college campus than a small child? (No, really....I can't think of anything)  She decided that almost 2 is plenty old enough to become a lab assistant, and she has wonderful taste:  she was checking out the lab of the worm guy at JMU.  Can't fault her there!  Sure, she may need a step stool to reach the lab bench, and occasional reminders not to lick the glassware, but I am quite confident that she will be an excellent slave lab tech.

Checking out the lab conditions...

Yeah, mom, this is the one I want to work in!

And, there's a door stop!

So, Dr. B, are you taking applicants?!  :)

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