Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Playdates are adorable

I mean, seriously guys: what is cuter than little kids?  (okay, little kids with little animals, but still, roll with it)

Sophia thinks "ee-bell" hung the moon.  We played in the park (see below), and went for "pee-paz" after, and eeeeeverything Isabelle did, Sophia had to do!  When we were walking, she even wanted to hold her hand. So. Cute!!  For lunch, she wanted to sit next to her, and copied her bite-for-bite.


Then, we had a post-birthday-party for Sophia at the bonus family's house, and she took over  stole  commandeered played with all of Hudson's toys.  He got smart, though, and bribed her off the tractor with the lawnmower.  The look on his face when he got on:  PRICELESS!  And then after a while, the above happened.  I don't know if I can handle the cuteness.  He's on the approved list for dating purposes, 30 years down the road.


The past two weekends were race weekends for me (I go by the theory that one should have at least one race a month.  My bank account, on the other hand, isn't so sure).  The first weekend was a double-header, and one of the few times I raced by myself....I normally have a super awesome running buddy with me.  But, he decided to sit this one out and was on Sophia detail instead.  He did say he might do one with me next year, though!

Here is the proof...pink bib from the marathon on Saturday, and the yellow from the half marathon Sunday.  They were both from the North Face Endurance challenge, and were trail runs near DC along the Potomac river.  It was beautiful terrain, and beautiful weather.  I don't think I could have asked for a better first marathon experience.  It was quite painful, and I got some killer blisters to show for it, but I'm already looking forward to next year.

Yes, I am certifiably crazy (I have papers!).  Yes it was totally awesome.  Yes, I finished both races.  Yes, I really want to do it again.  And, yes, I have my eye on longer races already.  For someone who was a self proclaimed non-runner not so long ago, I am damn proud of those races.

The next weekend, we had our second Tough Mudder.  And my buddy was back!  In the intervening week, I had to get my feet in a semi-workable status, and was thankful of my rowing years to look back on.


Finished also!

This year was much more enjoyable weather-wise, but I was a bit disappointed in the course...a LOT of backandforthandbackandforth.  Lame.  That being said, my feet were thankful it wasn't up and down a mountain.  

Sophia felt the need to do some recovery work also:

Rolling out those legs

Now, time to rest up for July (a 3 race month!).

I think she likes it....

I do believe it is safe to say that Sophia likes spaghetti.  

Not only does it fill your belly, but it makes a wonderful face and belly moisturizer!  I hear it also does wonders for your hair....keeps it silky smooth and curly-looking.  So she claims, that is.  :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Playing in the dirt

Sophia brought home a pea plant from daycare, and it was getting too big for it's wee plastic cup, so we re-potted it into a larger cup thing.  Given my tendency to kill plants (I blame the cats!), I didn't have much hope for the little bugger, but it was the experience that counted, right?

So, we filled the new cup with dirt....

Very carefully

Though not very efficiently

Then, we jumped forward a few steps after I scooped out dirt for her (patience: not a virtue I posess), put the plant in, and pushed it down.  

So far, neither I nor the cats have managed to kill or eat the poor plant that entered in our house, and I am quite proud of that.  Maybe I should switch to growing peas.....