Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Walkin', talkin' ball of sass!

Again, late here....but, I have a 2 year old now!!  Holy bajeezus!  As the title suggests, she is a walkin', talkin' ball of sass.  And, adorable.  And, too smart for my own good.  Good grief.  She has figured out how to pop open the baby gate to the kitchen (awesome), and is getting increasingly intelligent about her requests.  Point in case:  I was eating breakfast in the car, thinking she was asleep.  As soon as she heard the spoon:  "Seesha bite?"  "No, this is my breakfast!"  "Seesha bite!!"  "No!"  "Seesha bite...cracker?"  "I'm not eating crackers"  "Seesha bite....chee'"  "I'm not eating cheese"  "Seesha bite!  SEESHA BITE!"  "Okay, fine! (as I'm eating as fast as I could)"  "Seesha more chicken"  "sigh"  (then, not being fast enough with the chicken) "Seesha bite rice"  "How the heck did you know I had rice!?"

Anyway, on to the birthday pictures:

At home!  Presents from us and Meme

Getting the hang of this unwrapping business

First tool box!!

Playdoh!  Or, as she says, doh-doh

Very excited present opening.

We did her birthday party at the park again....I'm all about low-key, easy stuff.  I did, however, have a theme this year!  Ready?  Balls!  (mind out of the gutter)  It is one of Sophia's favorite things/toys, and besides, what's better to play with outside than balls?  It fit.  


Making sure they didn't go anywhere.

Darn proud of that dress (try finding a ball-themed dress...damn near impossible.  So, I made one!)

Candid shot!

Going to play with Aunt Mel

Um, Melinda?  That's Sophia's headband.

Opening presents.  Beautiful picture from artist cousin B


I'll just help you with this bolo golf....


Um, this comes out.

I want a BIG piece, mom!

All parties in attendance!  Check out Poppop with his littlest girls!

More presents!  Books!

And dress-up from Aunt Mel

Check out the door stoppers on the corners to prevent smushed fingers from enthusiastic lid shutting!  Brilliant!

Playing with her new bubble machine.  Best. Invention. Ever.


And, her bag full of Elmo books.  That may have won the most popular present award this year.  Books in and out of the box (and in and out and in and out and in and....) and organized over and over.

Sophia, I have loved seeing you grow and learn and mature into your own person this past year!  Everyday is an adventure, a learning experience, and full of love and giggles.  You have learned to express your own opinions (very strongly at times!), jump, run around, and it seems like you learn more words every day, both spoken and signed.  You prefer your hair in two hair bows rather than one.  You like animals on your shirts.  You like to chose your outfits by yourself.  Animals are your favorite, as are balls and bubbles.   I look forward to seeing your continued growth this coming year.  I love you!

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