Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blitz trip to NY

Earlier this summer, mom, Sophia, and I made a blitz trip to NY to visit my super awesome first cousin once removed (my mom's cousin), her mom, and her mom's sister and husband.  We drove up on a Thursday, and came home on Friday evening (told you it was fast!).  But, since awesome cousin lives in far-far-away land (ie, England), we tend to jump at any opportunity to harass visit her when she's in the states, especially when it's the East coast.  

Sophia thought she was the bee's knees, too.  And quickly roped her into reading books.  Anyone surprised here?  Didn't think so.

Getting comfy.  When we went to leave this day, Sophia wanted to stay and play.  So, I asked her if she wanted to stay with awesome cousin, and she replied with "Yes!  Bye mommy.  Bye bye!" and started walking off.  

We saw bacon pigs!

Attached at the hip

Looking at more piggies!

For dessert, we had cream and strawberries.  A BIG hit, and a favorite around here.

This is serious business, the eating of cream.

It was beautiful up there!

Walking down the hill after visiting the house where awesome cousin's mom grew up (I think?)

Very steep hill.  Sophia felt the urge to hold onto the railing, since Meme was.

All in all, a wonderful trip.  :)  The mountains were beautiful, and the town was small (Delhi, NY), and the company was great.  Can't wait until the next opportunity for a visit!

Backseat driver

When my darling backseat driver isn't sleeping, reading, or singing her ABCs, she frequently feels the urge to advise me on my driving habits (I'm a safe driver, I swear!).

"Mommy, 'tar poming" (car coming)
Yes, dear, I see it.  Thank you.

"Mommy, not go too fast"
I'm not.
"'tars go slow?"
Yes, the cars are going slow."
"Mommy, go slow"
Good idea.  Even though I really wish I can get my car equipped Mario Kart style and shoot stuff at the idiot cars in front of me.

Or, my favorites:
"Mommy, not go too fast.  'tay? 'tay!"
"Mommy, not go too fast.  Hear me? 'tay!"

Sleeping on the job

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A day in lab

I figure Sophia's training as a scientist should start early (I mean, she's already checked out labs at JMU to apply for lab tech positions), so when I had to stop in to do some work on the way to VA beach, I put her to work.

So, this is where you sit?

Adding information to Danielle's calendar (sorry Danielle!)

I think she learned well.  I mean, I don't do much else but color with crayons in lab.  ;)

Ms. Fix-it

Oh, hey mom, I'm just adjusting my tricycle here....


These screwdrivers aren't working....what else is in my toolbox?


Maybe a level....

Mom, will these pliers work?

Aw, heck with it.  I'll just adjust my brain, instead!

Yes, Sophia has a toolbox.  And I think the above series is hilarious, and justification for every child to have a toolbox.  We're waiting until she's 5 before getting her her first power tools.  :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My first marathon!

Okay, so this aaaaactually happened in June, but whatevs.  I ran a marathon!  And the next day, ran my second half marathon!  It was quite fun, and while the times leave some room for improvement (ahem), I plan on doing the same event this coming April.  It was a trail run, along the Potomac river, so the scenery was amazing, and helped take your mind off your pain.  The food was awesome (who knew soda would taste soooo good after 13 miles?!), the company was great, and I met a new friend!

Marathon day!

Sophia was more interested in drinking my water than in taking pictures

Off to the races!

Ow. Ow. Ow. (all done, here.  Seriously, the closest I've been to crying from pain...feet hurt so. bad.)

New friend and her bitty!

I met Marie at the turn-around, and we stayed together the rest of the race.  The company and talking definitely helped take my mind off my poor, blistered feet.  Remarkably, after taking care of my feet that night and ingesting an obscene amount of food, I wasn't sore otherwise for the half.  My knee was bothering me, so I didn't run as much as I though I would (combine that with my feet....).  But, a fun weekend all in all.  I am grateful to Jordan for making this happen:  he had two days of Sophia duty limited for the most part to a hotel room.  We turned it into a family mini-vacation, and visited an incredible (and up until know, unknown to us) museum as well as touring some of the museums on the Mall.  More about that later. :)