Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Backseat driver

When my darling backseat driver isn't sleeping, reading, or singing her ABCs, she frequently feels the urge to advise me on my driving habits (I'm a safe driver, I swear!).

"Mommy, 'tar poming" (car coming)
Yes, dear, I see it.  Thank you.

"Mommy, not go too fast"
I'm not.
"'tars go slow?"
Yes, the cars are going slow."
"Mommy, go slow"
Good idea.  Even though I really wish I can get my car equipped Mario Kart style and shoot stuff at the idiot cars in front of me.

Or, my favorites:
"Mommy, not go too fast.  'tay? 'tay!"
"Mommy, not go too fast.  Hear me? 'tay!"

Sleeping on the job

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