Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blitz trip to NY

Earlier this summer, mom, Sophia, and I made a blitz trip to NY to visit my super awesome first cousin once removed (my mom's cousin), her mom, and her mom's sister and husband.  We drove up on a Thursday, and came home on Friday evening (told you it was fast!).  But, since awesome cousin lives in far-far-away land (ie, England), we tend to jump at any opportunity to harass visit her when she's in the states, especially when it's the East coast.  

Sophia thought she was the bee's knees, too.  And quickly roped her into reading books.  Anyone surprised here?  Didn't think so.

Getting comfy.  When we went to leave this day, Sophia wanted to stay and play.  So, I asked her if she wanted to stay with awesome cousin, and she replied with "Yes!  Bye mommy.  Bye bye!" and started walking off.  

We saw bacon pigs!

Attached at the hip

Looking at more piggies!

For dessert, we had cream and strawberries.  A BIG hit, and a favorite around here.

This is serious business, the eating of cream.

It was beautiful up there!

Walking down the hill after visiting the house where awesome cousin's mom grew up (I think?)

Very steep hill.  Sophia felt the urge to hold onto the railing, since Meme was.

All in all, a wonderful trip.  :)  The mountains were beautiful, and the town was small (Delhi, NY), and the company was great.  Can't wait until the next opportunity for a visit!

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