Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vermont (Ultra)Beast

I decided it would be a wonderful idea to sign up for an ultrabeast Spartan race.  That's 26+ miles, 50+ obstacles.  I figured I could complete it, it was just the clock that had me worried.  If we didn't make certain time cut-off points, we wouldn't be allowed to finish.  And that would be sad.  Then, I found out that the person that designed the hellish Wintergreen course was designing the ultra course.  I may have cried a lot bit.  This race was in Killington, Vermont, so we kinda turned it into a mini vacation, and Jordan was awesome and was on Sophia detail on race day.  

I picked up my packet the day before the race, and got a look at the course.
Picture from the parking lot.

And another.

And yet another.  This may or may not have been when I started doubting my sanity....

Did I mention that Killington is a ski resort?  No?  And that it has double black diamond slopes? does.  More than one.  The race started with about 100 yards of a gentle downhill, then a giant f*** you, go climb this double black diamond slope.  And that's about how the race went.  I did manage to figure out the Spartan theory of relativity:  what goes down must go up!  And, we were convinced they had wormholes at the top of the hills; we swore there was no more up, but we turn a corner, and we have to climb the mountain again!  Where did that come from!?  

The good news was that I found a friend for the last little bit, and we finished together.  Well, sorta finished.  We only finished one loop; the ultra was supposed to finish two loops.  I was darn proud of my one loop.  I didn't die, drown, or puke.  That's a success in my book.  I even completed the spear throw and traverse wall for the first time ever.
Barb wire crawl (2 of 3, I think?)

Go under the wall

You thought you were done?  HA!  Climb this hill, though all these fallen trees and such.

Action shot of the last obstacle!

Me and my new friend!

Some of the views

They're the only good thing about climbing all those blessed hills

Start of the sandbag carry.  This is the same as the third picture; carry a 50lb sandbag around the loop.

Entering water for some obstacle....probably the go-under-the-wall one.

Will I do this again?  Yes.  Just maybe not next year.  I need time to train, and my schedule does not currently allow for the time necessary to train adequately.  I will finish this stupid race one day!  A big thanks to Jordan for doing most of the driving home, and for entertaining Sophia all day on race day with no easy feat!

Dress up

Sophia got an awesome dress-up chest from Melinda for her birthday, and some cute dress-up clothes to add to it from Meme.  She has recently discovered the joys of this chest; mostly the shoes and necklaces.  I may need to visit the dollar store to get some more to put in there!  She has also started asserting her independence with outfit choices.  Puppy shirts are a favorite, and she is quite particular about her pants.  Generally, anything I suggest is out, and she will pick what she wants, thankyouverymuch!

Example A: walking in Target doing some shopping.  She needed to wear her puppy shirt and the tutu.  So, I let her.

The funny part about this?  She was holding my hand, and then pulled it from me, and said that she'd hold her own hand.  Which she did with all seriousness.  :)

Playing dress-up!  The hats are also a big hit! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another play date!

After a long summer with no play dates, we were finally able to coordinate schedules enough for a play date with some of our favorite gals!  They have a new, itty bitty puppy which Sophia thought was the coolest thing ever.

The three musketeers (notice, Sophia stole F's milk....sorry!)

Playing with stuffed animals in the crib! Sophia was being a bad influence here, too....trying to climb into the crib (silly girl)!  Everybody wanted to join in the fun, and animals of the stuffed variety were added to the mix.  I think it's funny that F and Sophia have the exact same crib!

Seester came to visit!

It was a really short visit, but a visit nonetheless!  Sophia was very happy to have "Minda" here to play with!