Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dress up

Sophia got an awesome dress-up chest from Melinda for her birthday, and some cute dress-up clothes to add to it from Meme.  She has recently discovered the joys of this chest; mostly the shoes and necklaces.  I may need to visit the dollar store to get some more to put in there!  She has also started asserting her independence with outfit choices.  Puppy shirts are a favorite, and she is quite particular about her pants.  Generally, anything I suggest is out, and she will pick what she wants, thankyouverymuch!

Example A: walking in Target doing some shopping.  She needed to wear her puppy shirt and the tutu.  So, I let her.

The funny part about this?  She was holding my hand, and then pulled it from me, and said that she'd hold her own hand.  Which she did with all seriousness.  :)

Playing dress-up!  The hats are also a big hit! 

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