Monday, November 24, 2014

12ish weeks and first midwife appointment

Goal:  keep lab in the dark about this until Christmas.  Or, at the least, until after December 4th.  But I think Christmas would be funnier.  So far, so good.

We had our first midwife appointment (almost 3 weeks ago), and were able to hear the heartbeat!  The midwife turned to Sophia and told her:  "That's the sound that will rock your world."  I thought it was pretty funny, but also think that she will do okay.  She has been an only child in our house, but not in other aspects of her life.  That, and for the first little bit, younger siblings are okay.  Then from ages 2 until, oh, 18, they're.....a learning experience.  Right, Melinda?  (Love you kiddo!)  All joking aside, I'm glad for my younger pest sister, and wouldn't exchange her for the world.

Updated question thingie:

SymptomsI have energy back!  Well, as much as my non-caffeinated self can manage.
Mood/Emotions: Don't think I've gone all whackado hormonally crazy (Jordan, feel free to chime in here....IF it's to agree.  :) ).  Emotions: quite excited.  Enjoying keeping it a secret for now (I know something you don't know.  Nanner nanner boo boo)
Sleep: There are not enough hours in the day to get the amount of sleep I want (....still!)
Movement:  We heard some kicks on the doppler, but not feeling any.
Cravings: Very susceptible to the power of suggestion.  I may have eaten 3 bacon bleu cheese burgers in one setting.  Twice.  And they were yummy.  And, buffalo wild wings.  Wild sauced.  Lots of extra sauce. 
Things I MissCaffeine.  And, a margarita. Been kinda wanting one of those lately.
Workouts This Week: I walk 1.5 miles every day to get back and forth from my car to my building and back again.  And try and get some running in.  
Other Notable HappeningsFinally getting over the ick!

Doctor’s Midwife's Visits:  Second one next week!

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