Monday, November 24, 2014

9 ish weeks

(Publishing now; originally written real time)

Whooo boy, have the aversions increased these past few weeks!  I've had to open up the ol' belt buckle a notch or two, but I can still wear a belt (for a while, at least).

Here's the nifty question doo-hickie I pilfered from a local blog I follow:

SymptomsA LOT more nauseous these past weeks, and it seems like I'm a lot more smell sensitive also.  And, no more ranch.  Blech.  Veeeerrrrrryyyyy sleepy, too. zzzzzzzz
Mood/Emotions: Don't think I've gone all whackado hormonally crazy (Jordan, feel free to chime in here....IF it's to agree.  :) ).  Emotions: quite excited.  Enjoying keeping it a secret for now (I know something you don't know.  Nanner nanner boo boo)
Sleep: There are not enough hours in the day to get the amount of sleep I want
Movement:  WAY too early for that question.
CravingsPASTA!  I heart pasta right now.
Things I MissNot feeling totally and completely exhausted, caffeine, and being able to eat anything I want.
Workouts This Week: Does sleep count as a workout?  I've been running a few miles during the week, but nothing too terribly crazy.
Other Notable HappeningsSophia kindly shared her germs with me, even though I keep telling her I don't need daycare herd immunity, so I've been coughing up a lung.  Drinking my weight in slurpees and tea with honey to combat that.

Doctor’s Midwife's Visits:  First one will be in November.  We intend to use the same birthing center as we did for Sophia.

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