Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year, Sophia had a better grasp on the whole "Halloween" thing....she was very excited to get a pumpkin, and her daycare class went pumpkin picking (they brought a whole bunch to the parking lot, and the kiddos got to pick their favorite).  She is very proud that her pumpkin is sitting on our porch.  

We went to our friend's house again this year, to join them for trick-or-treating, and she had decorated to the nines, and even had some adorable games and photo opportunities:

Pin the nose on the pumpkin.  (Sophia, when blindfolded:  "I no see mommy")

And, the photo opportunity.  She was booked for 1st degree trickery.  :)

There were a bunch of kids there, so we tried to get a picture with all of them.

I think herding mice would have been easier.

They're all there.  More or less.  I'll take it!

After the fun and the yummy food, it was time to trick-or-treat!

No, she wasn't excited....

Walking off....

And looking around

We got to trick-or-treat with Dorthy, the cowardly lion, the tin man, and the scarecrow-ess.

I am jealous of the scarecrow-ess's sewing skills....she made the Dorthy dress and cowardly lion suit!!

Another cute picture of our triceratops

Candy!  Every time she'd get a piece of candy, she'd take it right back out to look at it.

Waiting our turn...

Family photo!

And getting more candy.  She got some good stuff that I may or may not have confinscated.  You know, to save her teeth?  Um, it was hard candy?  Too little?  Aw, heck, I wanted it and she'd never know the difference.  :)

Fun times!  Can't wait to see what we'll be next year.  Maybe I'll actually get with the program and do a theme....or at least make the outfit.  I think the triceratops was a bit beyond my skill level, though.  Maybe Batman and Robin?  Too bad Spiderman doesn't have a little sidekick.  A princess and a pea?  That would be amusing.  A bit girly for me, but amusing.

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